Monday, September 13, 2010


Walking to the Williamstown Railway Station yesterday afternoon with some friends, we came across this:
In case you can't read the fine print: this is the Morris Ltd, Fish and Poultry Department bike! As a craftsperson I'm fascinated by the way all the components were designed and assembled for the task. As a cyclist I hope the fish and poultry in that front basket weren't too heavy. It would be quite a challenge to ride steadily on the cobbled bluestone streets with a full load. I'm not going to think about the odours wafting up from the basket on a summer day.


Dee said...

is this an antique? is it in current use for fish and poultry delivery?

Textile Tragic said...

It looks genuinely old, but ridable. The phone numbers are really old. It was on the footpath just like that. That's all I know!