Friday, September 3, 2010

Waiting Game

I submitted my application to the Sydney Rd, Brunswick traders yesterday. Now I have to sit tight for a couple of weeks to hear the outcome. I don't find it easy to sit tight.
Sitting tight is also on the agenda for my Shed/studio project. I dropped in to the Council offices yesterday to check on the permit process. It's taken a week for the application to make its way into the system: from the actual mailbox to when it appears on the computer. The next step is waiting for allocation to a planner. Once it's allocated it will then be considered. The two week "fast track" process I've been told about is apparently immobilised by the delays in getting the applications to the planners for consideration. Did I say I'm not good at sitting tight. I'll probably make a couple of calls today to see if there's anything else I can do. Not that there aren't plenty of things to be getting on with at home. I must remember to keep calm and breathe slowly. Oh, that's so hard!

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