Thursday, September 2, 2010


My top task for today is to finalise my application for the Sydney Rd Traders' Windows/Frames exhibition. I've based my work on things found in garden sheds and Op shops. The centrepiece is the freeform knitting I've been working on. It's spun and knitted from 20-something year old fleece kept in my friend S's garden shed. Photographing the work was an interesting challenge. I needed to find a space without too many distractions and a perspective from which to take the photo which wouldn't catch me in the mirror. I ended up in my back hallway, taking the photo from outside the door so as to get the distance I needed. This is one of the pics I'm not going to use in the application. You can see all the clutter outside my back door reflected in the mirror behind the chair. I can submit two shots, so the second will be a close up of the knitting. The mirror is a key part of what I want the viewer to see, though. It helps to make the context of the piece part of the story. And since I don't know where this will be displayed, that uncertainty becomes part of the story too. It's been exciting to explore the possibilities as I go along. Now I need an "artist's statement" of less than fifty words. Then to print out my pics and head down to Brunswick to submit the whole thing before lunch time. Hmmm, it must be time for a coffee!