Saturday, September 18, 2010

Patch Job

I did this rough and ready repair on my old jeans this morning. I was talking to a friend on the phone at the time, and didn't even bother taking the jeans off or finding a matching thread. I just needed the hole to be stabilised. These jeans are favourites, but really only good for wearing around the house now--perfect for a day like today.
I've got another patching challenge with my side fence. It's a paling fence which was old when I bought this place eleven-or-so years ago. It's threatening to fall over into my neighbour's yard. That would be a very unwelcome turn of events just as I'm expecting workmen to come and put up my new shed-studio. I can't face the effort of having it replaced just now either, so it's a case of doing what I can with what I've got. After a trip to the hardware store I'm getting on to it at last. I'm typing this while I take a breather. Driving bolts into red-gum posts is a tough job even when the redgum is old.

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