Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Silk Painting

I raided one of the local libraries for books on silk painting last week. Yesterday I went to pick up another book which I had requested. I also picked up a box of silk paints from the Neighbourhood House. I'm new to this particular medium, though a lot of what I've learned from dyeing and other fabric painting will apply. What I'm noticing so far is the way the paints flow and blend on the fabric--it looks like magic. The idea of making enlosures for colour using gutta is another feature. And I need to improvise a frame to keep the fabric stretched while I work on it. Soon it will be time to stop reading and planning, and start having a go. I have silk, I have paints, I have some ideas. Now it's time to play.

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Dee said...

I have done silk painting in several different ways and it is a lot of fun. I own three silk scarves which I painted myself - great beginners project, hence i have done three of them (+ other bits).
I look forward to seeing the results of your painting.