Thursday, September 23, 2010

Stop and Breathe

It was a big day yesterday. In the morning I set up my contribution to the Window Frames Exhibition. I happily accepted the offer of a stray piece of electrical equipment to stabilise the wobbly mirror. The interaction between my installation and the context both inside and outside the store was challenging and fascinating--pics to come.

My evening's quilting class was punctuated by dramas with security alarms and missing keys. In between I had a couple of hours at home. I needed a safe little project to give me a break from the rather intense day. I tried this little lace lattice stitch from one of my stitch dictionaries. A four-stitch, two row repeat makes it easy enough to remember and intricate enough to catch my attention for a concentrated breathing break.
This morning I got a little over-confident and tried to keep up the rhythm of stitches while chatting with a friend on the phone. I didn't quite get it right, so I'll have to undo a few rows. There are double increases and decreases on every second line, so I'm not sure how I'll go picking it up again. OK, I just convinced myself to un-knit it rather than take it off the needles. Then a bit of cleaning up is on the agenda before my afternoon appointment.


Knitspingirl said...

What a pretty blue. I agree - I think if it's only a few rows, tinking is definately the best option.

Textile Tragic said...

Thanks, it's done now and I'm back in the rhythm.