Sunday, September 5, 2010


My friend L sent me this pic last night:It's the nectarine which we vigorously dug from my back garden last week end. I told you she'd gone home to soak it in a reviving concoction of seasol and compost. It looks like that was very effective. We were hoping the flower buds wouldn't drop off. Not only have they hung on, they're literally blooming.

Meanwhile there has been much more digging activity in my back garden. Nothing as cute as the nectarine this week: mainly clumps of dietes. I have decided that if I every need to build an air-raid shelter, I will plant dietes over the top of it. They are among the toughest things I have met. There were eight clumps in my tiny back garden. Five have been dug up and shipped out. One is lying in pieces waiting for a trip to its new home and two are tenaciously holding on. My mission for today is to make them let go. I wish I knew some enthusiastic basket weavers. Failing that I'll have to do a couple of trips to the green dump.

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Dee said...

Now i know what these things are called. yep I googled Dietes. I have quite a few of them in our garden. I like them lots. Pity I am too far away to take them off your hands. i will remeber though how well they hold onto their piece of earth.