Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Lemon-Lime Tango

I'm still in clearing up mode. That means when I came across a bag of leftover coloured wool tops I decided to spin them up rather than find a place to store them. I pulled out the bright yellow and a green called celery. Spinning them together as a marle gave me a single that would suit an Aussie cheer squad. It was a classic green-gold contrast. I then did another single of a lime green. I was hoping the three colours would blend effectively. Here's a pic of the result: It's certainly bright, but in a way that pleases me. I'm especially happy with the way the lemon yellow has blended with the greens despite the fact that I did no actual mixing. Now I've got a red-orange combo on the table waiting to be spun. Meanwhile there are piles of weeds to be taken to the green dump and a patchwork class to prepare for this evening. That should keep me out of trouble for today.

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