Saturday, July 18, 2009


One more day of walking to tick off! The dogs are now at the stage of anticipating their outing and looking out for any clues that I might be about to put on my walking shoes. They are so good for my motivation. How could I refuse those joyous woofs and wagging tails!
As for take-home beauty, I picked this sprig of lavender:

I must say, it didn't look like anything special until I got it home and subjected it to the macro treatment. I'm testing the limits of the macro lens--and so far, I'm pretty happy.

No walk today. I'm off to the Wool Show at Bendigo. I need to walk out of the house before 7 am. I'm rarely out of my bedroom by 7 am these days, so it's a bit of an effort, but it should be a great day.

Note to self: I don't need any more fleeces! Oooh, well, . . . maybe just one?

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