Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Floor at Last

I've been promising to post a picture of my new floor and there's always been some good reason not to. The main reason being that I haven't got things sorted yet. Three weeks after moving back in, I'm starting to doubt whether I'll ever really have things sorted. My usual messes are starting to be superimposed on the packing and unpacking chaos. I did a bit of a tidy up yesterday for the benefit of a spinning student and a friend who is coming to stay. So I've seized the moment and taken a photo of my front room this morning.

I think the floor looks good. It's solid underfoot, since it's stuck down to the concrete slab. And it is easy, easy, easy to clean. It is a bit cold for me in comparison with the carpet, but I'm more than happy with the trade off. My spinning student got off to a good start.

My next challenge is to make space in the sewing room for a spare bed for my friend to sleep in. I've hardly done any unpacking in this room, so I'm afraid it's going to be a bit make do. Note to self: this is not the time to contemplate the significance of all the boxes of fabric in here! The plan is to just stack them up and pull out the bed. There! Now I have my instructions in writing. I'd better get on with it.


Teresa said...

Looks good, can't wait to see it for real! Just remember in any move, there will always be boxes that never get unpacked! Enjoy the floor.

Vireya said...

The floor looks wonderful. Outside looks cold and wintry. Good reason to stay inside and enjoy the floor.

Dee said...

WOW! it looks soooo good! enjoy every moment of it - you sure have earnt it.