Thursday, July 23, 2009


I'm still making the effort to walk most mornings, though yesterday it was lunchtime before I managed to get out the door.

I came home with these: Rosehips! I don't normally think of roses as fruiting plants, but there they are. And to compensate for these grey cold days, they are so warmly coloured.

I don't know if my walk will happen this morning. It's been raining steadily for the past half hour, though I can see a bit of blue sky coming across. As for spinning, I've been working on a fine cashmere yarn for my folio. Spinning it feels like some sort of fairytale challenge: it's as if I'm spinning in miniature, but with my own hands--which feel enormous compared to the fine, light fibre. And like a fairytale challenge, the task seems to go on and on! 25g of fibre doesn't sound like much, but it is a LOT of very fine spinning. The only magic I have to look forward to is the yarn itself. I have several more hours of spinning before I'll get to enjoy that.


Dee said...

hmmm rose fruit... seeds? i have never heard talk of rose seeds but i guess once-upon-a-time they had to be grown from seeds. what does a rose seed look like? hmmm what is in those shiny hips? knife? ...

Textile Tragic said...

OK, make that, scalpel!

Knitspingirl said...

Mmmm ... cashmere!
I have a little baggie of this delishious fibre somewhere, but don't think I have the skills yet to do it justice. Pics please!!