Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I picked this rose when I got home from my walk yesterday. It's from my Lorraine Lee rose bush and its pretty pink perfection was irresistable.Lorraine Lee is an early flowering rose, but this bush hasn't actually stopped flowering since last season. We're now at the end of July and rose pruning is on the "to do" list. I keep waiting for the roses to finish flowering, but I don't think winter dormancy is on their agenda this year. I guess I'll just have to go out and give them a trim and see what happens.

On the textile front: I finished the camel-wool blend woollen sample yesterday. I'll need to go back and have a look at our requirements lists from previous sessions to see what to do next. I know I have gaps all over the place, but at least I've got one session completed.

. . . and I have a Castle Report: Town Planning gave me ticks on all of their main requirements for an upper storey extension! Now I just need a lot more zeros on the end of my bank balance, and we're away!

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