Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Autumn Navaho Yarn

Both the calendar and the weather have definitely passed Autumn. It's the first week of July and we're getting maximum temperatures in the mid-teens. The First Editions tops I spun up on Sunday are warmer, though:

I'm happy with the way the colours have remained distinct in my spinning. If you're interested in the technique, look carefully in the middle of the skein. You can see how the spun single is folded back on itself to make a 3-ply yarn.

Today's task is to thread at least some of the warp for my double weave project. We have class again on Saturday and I'm already behind with my Summer and Winter block weave. The threading is fine and fiddly, so best done in natural light. I'll try to make it a priority this morning.


Dee said...

i love the colours and how they all look together. great pic btw.
a question since i am not in the spinning know how... how does it make a 3ply by spinning and doubling back on itself? i can only picture 2 ply. why does the 3rd one come from?

Textile Tragic said...

It's like an overgrown crochet chain--a loop makes two strands and that is plied with the third. When I nearly run out of loop then I pull another loop through and on it goes . . . I may do a step by step one of these days.