Sunday, July 12, 2009

More Double Weave Progress

Most of yesterday's weaving class was focused on the Double Weave project. Here's how mine looked at the end of the day:

You can't really see that it's a double weave while it's on the loom like this, but believe me, there's another layer of weaving underneath!

It's been threaded up as block weave and this exercise is mainly to demonstrate the arrangement of the blocks in a kinetic design. In the next exercise I will separate the coloured blocks with strips of the darker colour on the top of the weaving. The back will be the reverse. The instructions after that are "play"! We have a spare week before our next class, but I also have the Summer and Winter block weave to complete, so I'd better keep track of my time.


Dee said...

now this is starting to look relly complex! so that is how patterns are created with the reverse colour and pattern on each side. double weave hmm. i can picture that. it would also make a nice thick fabric - towels, some cotton rugs etc.

Textile Tragic said...

ummmm . . . it's one of the ways, but in this case there are actually two separate layers of fabric. They're connected where the threads from one layer interact with threads from the other layer, but if you had this cloth off the loom you could actually pull the layers and feel the gap between them.