Saturday, July 11, 2009

Weaving Puzzle

Here's a puzzle from the Scarf Festival.

I love this textured scarf: I tried to imagine how it was made and looked for more information on the swing tag: The only technique I can think of that would produce that sort of puckering involves using different yarns in the weft. If one yarn shrinks significantly when washed--or fulled--and the other doesn't, then the areas that don't shrink would be gathered in. The swing tag only tells me "superfine merino wool". That leaves me with a few possibilities to puzzle over:
  • was the same wool spun in different ways in the different strips of weft?
  • is there another fibre involved that hasn't been listed?
  • or is there a technique that fulls and shrinks some areas while leaving othere areas untouched?
It's not quite keeping me awake at night, but I am intrigued. Suggestions please!

1 comment:

Dee said...

my suggestion is to research how seersucker fabric is made. it is 100% cottoon and yet has the same effect that this scarf does. i shall stay tuned to see what you discover. :)