Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Double Weave Progress

I did get the threading finished for my double weave project yesterday morning. Yay! Once I got started on it, things went relatively smoothly and it was all done by lunch-time. I'll tackle the denting today and then I will be ready to go on Saturday.

I photographed this double cloth scarf at the Scarf Festival showcase on the weekend. I'm sorry I didn't note the name of the maker. I've tried to catch some of the layering in the pic. The point of double weave is that the whole piece is woven in layers on the loom at the same time. The layers interact in different ways throughout the piece. So in this red and blue scarf you can see separate layers of red and blue at the edges, but in the middle, the blue has been woven through the red layer to appear on the surface.

I'll let you know more once I've had a go myself. It's been fun imagining the possibilities as I thread up my loom.

Today's tasks:

  • denting the double weave project
  • woollen spinning my alpaca sample for my folio
  • teaching a friend to make risotto
  • unpacking a bit more--even if it's only half a box
  • relaxing a little!

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