Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Meet the Washing Machine

I've featured various textile tools in this blog in the past. I wouldn't particularly have thought of my washing machine as a textile tool, but really it's a very important one. When my washing machine died recently I was in the middle of washing the sizing out of several metres of white homespun ready for a dyeing day. Then when I went to choose a new machine, I found that the features I need to deal with my dyeing and spinning are more advanced than what I would need just to do laundry for myself.

Here's what I ended up with:I've never had a front-loader before. Let's face it, I've never had a new washing machine before! But I can dial up a deep rinse option on this one--good for washing out dyes--and I can set the spin speed as low as I like--good for spinning out my wool without felting it. I can also set the water temperature. So I think I've covered all my bases. And it does also wash clothes:).

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Dee said...

LOL at that end point... yeah it also wahes clothes. good to see priorities in order, fun first work later. :)