Friday, July 10, 2009

Colour Table

I can't believe the dyes from last month's workshop have lasted so well! I usually try to use up any leftover dyes within a week, but that was just impossible with everything else that was happening. They've been sitting in a box on the bathroom floor and thankfully the weather has been unusually cool, so they still have some reactivity left in them.

I unexpectedly had the day at home yesterday, so out came the dye pots.

I mixed up the colours combinations yesterday and added fabric to each bag. I only added the soda ash fixative this morning, though. I've read that adding the fixative later gives a better variation in colour, since the dyes get to travel through the fabric before they react with the fibres. Besides, I didn't really have much energy yesterday and I'd run out of Soda Ash solution.

Rinsing will have to be a task for another day. I can leave the fabrics in bags as long as I like and it won't affect the result now. I guess I will need to clear the table at some stage, though. And if I don't tidy up a bit in the bathroom, any night-time visits there will be extremely hazardous!

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