Sunday, April 10, 2011


These little wristies were a quick make yesterday. Just the thing for a day when I was fighting off a virus and wasn't in the mood for sustained concentration. They'll be on their way to Queensland as soon as I've made the hat to go with them. Queensland? Isn't that the land of blue skies and sunshine? Well, yes, but it can be very cold on a railway platform at around dawn when you're on your way to school in a uniform designed for the middle of the day. Believe me, I've done it. A lot of things have changed since I was a school girl, but the temperature of a railway platform and the inadequacies of school uniforms are not among those things. My informant, and requester of the wristies is fifteen year-old E. She did also let me know that she considers these a fashion accessory and will wear them whether or not it's cold. To prove that point she gave me a run down of some of the responses she's had to her eyeball hat which she received in the height of summer. The common factor seems to be a double take! The little kids stare, her peers think it's either cool or gross. It seems that any response is a good response.

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