Monday, April 25, 2011

Evening Amusement

Another day of crafting in the studio and weeding in the garden. It's unusual for me to make more than one of anything, so the cards, bookmarks and badges of the past few days have been a new experience. Of course they're all different, but the processes involved in each one are repetitive. It takes a bit of getting used to, and I'm not that fond of that aspect of it. On the other hand, making lots of similar things means I can try out many variations on a theme. When I make a bigger item there are so many choices and each option I choose effectively means saying "no" to the alternative. Making lots of little things means I can try out lots of options and see how it goes. I like that.

The weeding is varied in its own way--it's amazing how tenacious and tortuous my monster Kikuyu grass can be. I've disentangled most of the rose bushes from its strangling tentacles. As a reward there are a couple of roses in little vases on my table. I've still got lots of digging to do to get rid of as much of the root system as possible before I add mulch.

After tea I was too tired to do much, but it was too early for bed. I decided to have a go at something I've been interested in for quite a while. Here it is.

A bead knitted from artistic wire. Yep, that's knitting! I have to tell you knitting wire is different. Not only managing the stiffness of the wire, but making sure I didn't drop the little spool it was wound on . . . I am happy with the result though. My crocheted sample was even harder to control. I've decided to call it "freeform".

Today is visiting day. I'm taking my friend R's niece to visit him. I haven't seen S since she came to stay at New Year's. It's been too long. It's misty right now, but the forecast is for a fine warm day and I've checked out a nice playground near the beach, just down the road from R's house. I'll wear my running shoes!

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