Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I'm home safe, though very tired. My task for today is to start to unpack and reorient myself here. There are plenty of pics still to sort through from my time away, and there will be plenty more to come as I get back into the swing of my usual life. Just now, though I can't find the cable for my camera, nor can I find any of the several card readers I own. I don't know if it's my state of mind, but my initial attempts to slot the camera card into my computer tower have also been unsuccesful . . . but wait! It seems to be working now.

An amusing bit of incongruity: 15 year old E couldn't decide which identity she wanted to assume when she headed out to catch up with some friends the other night. Pretty girl or shocker scientist? Which was it to be? Then again, who said she had to choose? Pink tulle diamante hair clip and eyeball hat. Why not indeed!


Dee said...

Our sweet E sure has the jutzpah to carry off both! :)
I love how she is confident enough to happily wear the pretty wedding flower post wedding and still wear her eye-catching hat.

Textile Tragic said...


ixchel bunny said...

talk about an EYE catching hat ! lol great stuff Chiara! I just love the chaos theory in action there: Go Girl! who said that eyes and tule don't mix ;-)

Textile Tragic said...

Chaos theory is a good way to describe the last couple of weeks, really!