Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Drawing Things

We have two new subjects at TAFE: history and drawing. And we have a couple of weeks holiday coming up. The two subjects are organised very differently. For history we have half a dozen different assignments with dates and facts and details to be researched and absorbed. When I asked the drawing teacher what we should do for homework her answer was very simple, "just draw". So far I've had a go at a few reels of cotton on a bench in my studio and last night, a little vase. If I need a bigger challenge later on I thought I might have a go at this: My mandolin has been sitting in its case neglected since my first flush of enthusiasm last year. I still have hopes of learning to play it, but meanwhile I could see how I go with a pencil and paper.


Anonymous said...

hope you can draw a tuneful bow :)

SewSofie said...

wow what a beautiful instrument. Would love to see the work of art that results :)

Textile Tragic said...

:) Hopefully my efforts to draw it will be more successful than my efforts to play it.