Monday, April 11, 2011


This little house is part of a UFO. I started the quilt maybe ten years ago and have worked on it on and off --mainly off recently. When I last put it away I only had some quilting to do in the border and then the binding to declare it done. I had a good look at it yesterday. There are a lot of things I like, but overall I'm not quite satisfied. My task yesterday was to illustrate the basic elements and principles of design for one of my Textile Art subjects. I guess that gave me a new point of view. For one, I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed the little stitched details like the chimney of the settler's hut and the wobbly windmill. I also found I had more ideas about how I might tweak the design to make it work better. One idea involves more embroidered details in the foreground. For now I'm leaving this hanging in the living room. Then it will either go back in the bag and remain a UFO, or it will get another chance--just as well I have a couple of weeks holidays coming up.

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