Thursday, April 14, 2011


Back in my primary school days a "composition" was a piece of writing, carefully written out by hand. At some stage "compositions" became "essays". Later still "assignments" took over. Lately "composition" has come back into my life. This time as a design principle. Rather than arranging words on a page, I find myself arranging things, playing with colour and balance. Last night I cooked dinner. My friend L was coming over to work on a quilt with me. It would have been funny to watch. My kitchen activities were punctuated by dashes to get the camera as I investigated the shapes and colours of my ingredients before cutting them up. One of the things I'm enjoying about my Textile Art course is that it's a doing course. There seems to be very little writing for its own sake. So, no essays here. I'm off to do a little sketch before I get on with the morning's chores.

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