Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What Next?

Here's a wider view of yesterday's quilt. I've been thinking about what I'd like to do with it. I love the way that leaving a piece out on display helps me to make decisions. I spent some time yesterday searching for images of Flannel flowers. I've had a long term desire to stitch this flower--this might be my chance. Now I need to decide on proportions and techniques. At this stage of a quilt's life I would normally limit myself to quilting stitches, but I want to add some colour here and I'm not sure that I can manage that without some embroidery . . . I guess I'll have to see how I go.


Dee said...

It has been a very long time since I saw this quilt. Did you make the various
pieced animals intended to go on it?
I too love flannel flowers and have various embroidery styles / techniques which I would be happy to share if desired.

Textile Tragic said...

The only "animal" is a cockatoo who squawked so loudly in visual terms that he frightened all the others away--hence my dilemma in balancing the design:)Thanks for the offer of flannel flowers. My first challenge is to decide on size and quilting vs embroidery.