Saturday, April 16, 2011

Change of Plan

The phone rang a few minutes ago. It was my friend V. "Did you get my message?", she asked. "Oh, what message?" I replied. Her voice sounded happy, so I over-ruled the anxiety that might arise from an early phone call. "I've got two tickets to AQC. Do you want to come?" AQC is the Australian Quilt Convention: the best of the country's quilts coupled with a hall full of glorious stalls. I had been suffering from a bad dose of protestant work ethic with a sprinkling of puritanical abstinence and had decided not to indulge myself in this fibery extravaganza. But all it took was a pleasant invitation to change my mind. Another cup of coffee, my most comfortable shoes and a nice big carry bag and I'm off to have fun. As for the phone: I checked again and there's no message. I've checked and double checked the pic and there's no reason for it to be displayed on its side, other than sheer contrariness on the part of blogger, but on a morning when my plans have been happily turned on their side, I'm not going to complain.


Knitspingirl said...

So happy your friend rang instead of just leaving it as the MIA message! Enjoy!!

Textile Tragic said...

thanks--yes!! I'm back with sore feet, heavy bags, a light wallet and a light heart:)