Sunday, April 3, 2011

Knitting Again

It's great to be learning so many new things in my TAFE Textile Art course. The only down-side is the difficulty in finding time for the things I already know and love. I've had this knitting on the needles since last year:I used it for my Windows Frames installation in Sydney Rd. I spun and knitted it from some merino fleece which a friend had kept for years in her garden shed. The knitting is fluid and organic and incorporates knitted singles--unbalanced yarn with a tendency to twist on itself. Lately I've been playing with the idea of working it into a scarf under the theme, "Rhythm of Life". Yesterday I decided to finish the yarn I had already spun up and use what I've knitted as a sample for my new piece. Now it's been washed and dried overnight. That gives me a good idea of how the fabric is going to behave. It also gives me the opportunity to start some new spinning and knitting. I also have homework to do for two new teachers and assignments to finish for our first block of subjects which concluded last week, so I'd better get into my day. Just as well the end of daylight saving effectively gives me an extra hour.

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