Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I'm keen to get out to the studio where various creative tasks await me, but I have to wait. There's a frittata in the oven and a pot of sauce on the stove-top. Nothing spectacular, either of them, but a woman has to eat. If I wait for a moment of inspiration at about tea time I generally end up eating junk, as the time lag between the idea and the food appearing on my plate is significantly longer than my patience or hunger will allow. So I'm making a point of preparing some food now when I'm not hungry, but I have the time and energy to make the effort. I'm finding that theme playing out in various aspects of my life . . . it seems that everything needs a fair bit of maintenance to keep it going. Yesterday I taught a sewing class at one of the local Neighbourhood Houses. This bulb represents the inspiration of watching a new student get excited about possibilities. On the other hand, the reason I have it is much more prosaic. I need to buy replacement bulbs for a couple of machines where the light is burnt out. Thankfully with a new student, everything is new and exciting. Even opening up the machine for a desperately needed clean up and lubrication. Or, as it turns out replacing the light bulb. My challenge for today is to do the routine tasks and keep up the spark needed for creative work.

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