Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sleep-over 101

S and I managed to squeeze a fair bit of fun out of just one day. I couldn't believe how much energy she had, considering that New Year's Eve perhaps wasn't the best choice for a first time sleep-over. Our neighbours seem to have collected an unusually large stash of unofficial fireworks, which they let off throughout the evening. Every new barage startled my two dogs. Their desperate barking was loud and long. Then we'd try to get to sleep and it would start all over again.

Regardless, S woke early and ready for a good day. We were out the door with the dogs on their leads by 9.00am. The night's adventures hadn't slowed them down any. Then off to the park, as promised. A nearby Scout Hall provided some extra interest. There was a succession of tired adults coming through to clean up after the night before. We watched a jumping castle being blown up, wiped down and packed away. The swings and monkey bars were a perfect vantage point. One of the cleaners collected all the surviving balloons and handed them over the fence. That provided some extra entertainment. Back home I didn't bother taking off my running shoes--practically or figuratively speaking. I hadn't quite realised how many different amusements I have sitting around waiting for a child's eye to catch upon! I surprised myself by keeping up with little chores like the washing up, a load of laundry and even a bath for my smallest dog. Apparently the fun and energy is somehow contagious--at least in part.

This morning I've started much more slowly. It's time to smile at the little memories, tidy up the little messes and recharge my batteries. I hope we can plan to do it all again, perhaps minus the fireworks! I know I've learnt a lot and have much more to learn. And the thank you hug from S's dad when he picked her up at the station told me that the night out had given him a chance of fun which he doesn't usually get to enjoy.

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