Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Your Quilt is in the Mail

Today I'm focussing on quilt backings and binding--the topics for tomorrow night's Patchwork by Machine class. So here's the Quick and Easy Pink quilt, backed and bound (and quilted) and ready to send off to Baby B. I won't spoil the surprise any more by showing you the front of the quilt all finished until it's arrived at its destination.

I'm doing my class preparation today because my car is booked in for a service tomorrow, so I'll be out most of the day. I'm hoping there won't be any complications since I'll definitely need the car to get to my quilting class--the Neighbourhood House is an easy walk, but the amount of equipment I need to carry usually entails several trips to and from the car. OK, now I'm off to photograph and pack the quilt and then prepare some handouts about binding a finished quilt.


Ang Pang said...

THANKYOU- it arrived this morning. It looks just great, and has been christened with baby drool already! The delivery lady said "for Baby B" when I opened the door :)

Textile Tragic said...

Good, good good:)