Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dual Purpose?

Last week I finished making a bag to carry my quilting equipment to and from class. I used it for the first time on Wednesday and it was great. I didn't have bit of rulers poking out all over the place and threatening to slide out of my hands. All the cutters were safely tucked into their little pockets. I was rather pleased with my efforts.

One of the complications of self-healing cutting mats is that they need to be stored flat--really flat--otherwise they take on the shape of whatever they've been stored against. Lumpy bumpy cutting mats are not a good thing, and I don't have many flat surfaces available in my sewing room, so they ended up (carefully) on the floor. That's where my dear dog came into the picture:
I've mentioned before that he likes to be near me as much as possible, but he also likes to be comfortable, and the floor in my sewing room has no suitable soft spots for a dog to snuggle into. So when he found this piece of padded fabric on the floor he decided to put it to use. What better use than as a spot for him to lie while I get on with my sewing tasks! I turned around to find him well settled. He was a bit less sure of himself by the time I'd picked up my camera, but he wasn't letting go of his comfortable spot. So my equipment carry bag was doubling as a dog mat--not quite what I intended, but I guess it's all a matter of priorities.


Peace said...

Why else would we do anything but for the comfort of our dog or cats as the case may be? :)

Textile Tragic said...

Why indeed!

Dee said...

LOL :) one clever pooch!