Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Green, Green, Green and more Green!

Happy St Patrick's Day! I didn't plan it that way, but when I heard comments on the radio about Green and Irish music this morning, I thought it was a great coincidence.

Yep, I mixed up three more versions of Green yesterday and here they are: I suspect the differences won't show too well on the screen, but for your info, I added:
  • marine blue and a bit of citrus yellow to one batch;
  • just citrus yellow to the second batch
  • just golden yellow (chamomile) to the third
  • and the fourth piece I left alone.

I didn't label my experiments. I wasn't really trying to be scientific, but wanted to give myself some more options. I'm surprised at how little difference the over-dyeing made. Then again it was a printed fabric, which I'd already over-dyed once. I think I'll go with the version in the upper right hand corner. It has the green I want, plus enough of the yellowy-gold colour to pick up what's already in the quilt.

As for yesterday's other fabric, I'm having visions of bush scenes, and I've also got a collection of wild animal fabrics . . . stay tuned.

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