Monday, March 8, 2010

Familiarity and Fun

M and I have a bit of a tradition of afternoon coffee at the Paragon Cafe in Rathdowne St. Here's a pic I took of one of the light fittings while I was waiting for my friend yesterday afternoon:
I had about half an hour to wait, so I pulled out my knitting. A staff member then recognised me as, "the lady who makes her own string"! That kept me smiling for a while.

After our coffee, we browsed through a few of the local shops--lots of pretty things. I got another giggle when a shop assistant--in a French themed Boutique--asked for help interpreting the label of a baby blanket. It read, "Fabrique en Chine" . . . yep that's "Made in China" in French:) Oh well!

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Dee said...

LOL! i laughed out loud at the bit about the lady who makes her own string and A who was standing nearby said "laugh and tell". it got another laugh.