Monday, March 29, 2010


Still on the subject of roses--I'd rather not think about the weeds, though I did spend several hours yesterday phoning and visiting hardware stores to get myself some serious weapons against my kikuyu grass invasion. As I was saying, roses:Here's one of the pink candy-striped roses from my garden--sorry, it does have a name and I can't think of it. Below you can see another bloom draped in the silk ribbon I dyed in its honour. It--the ribbon--is on it's way to my friend D who will manipulate it with her skilled hands and needles and turn it into an image of a rose. At least that's what I'm hoping. Of course she may prefer to pat it and keep it as a pet for a while or turn it into something else altogether. In any case, its been fun to make the match. There's another 20m or so of silk ribbon in my sink dyed a gradation between "plum" and "galah". It's proving to be a challenge to rinse well, since I really had too much dye in the pot. I've had it soaking overnight and also boosted the water with some vinegar, so I'm hoping it will come clear soon.


Dee said...

ooooooow myfingers are itching to touch its silkiness. :)

Peace said...

Yes...definitely a pet. Lovingly stroked and patted.