Monday, March 15, 2010

Works of Art

My friends W and R have two new members in their household--burmese kittens, Fred and George. They are beautifully coloured and alternate between incredible acts of acrobatics and fond snuggling. After they had entertained me with double back flips, they had a thorough mutual kitty wash and curled up for a sleep. Of course I was there with my camera! R put out the challenge that I couldn't put them on my blog since they're not textile art. Well, here they are. They are definitely works of art and they're furry--I know that well because I happen to be allergic to cats. But I was more than happy to take antihistamines and Ventolin for the privilege of meeting these two gorgeous feline bundles.


Vireya said...

I've seen plenty of textile art blogs with posts about recipes, the blogger's children or grandchildren, their garden, etc, etc. I think a couple of cute kittens can be forgiven! Especially when those cats appear to be sleeping on a woven textile of some variety.

Dee said...

such a cute pair of kitties. well chosen W & R. :)
definately within the 'bounds' of textiles.