Saturday, March 20, 2010

Stay or Go?

I'm having a bit of a blitz in my sewing room. There's so much stuff in here that it's hard to find room to sew! And that's rather counterproductive really. It's never really got over being packed up to have the floors done last year. There are still boxes of "stuff" to be sorted and I'm short a set of shelves--I have some of the parts, but the rest need to be bought and then the whole thing assembled. Before I can assemble the new shelves I will have to move another small shelf which is currently attached to that wall. Are you gettng the idea . . . one thing depends on another and I'm not getting any of it done.

I have been doing some sewing despite this, but that means I now have fabrics out of their boxes and boxes out of place and I've been leaving putting them away until I can get the bigger picture sorted out.

Yesterday afternoon I got caught up in a burst of action. I decided that rather than sorting some of the big items, like shelving, I could start by reducing some of the smaller items, like fabric. I went through my box of flannels first. At one stage I thought I'd make a flannel quilt or three, but it hasn't happended, so out go the flannels. I don't want to waste them, though, so I've paired each metre of flannel with a metre of quilting cotton that I don't need--are you getting some idea of how much fabric is in this room? Now I have eight pairs of fabrics waiting to be turned into bunny rugs. That's a day's work in itself coming up, but I know a charity which will really appreciate them. And it's a days work unrelated to any other problem, so at some stage (soon) I can just get it done. Reality check, they will need to be ironed and I will need a flat surface to spread them on, but I think I can manage that.

While I was sorting through my quilting cottons looking for suitable baby fabrics, I came across some Mary Engelbreit prints that are just not my taste. I bought them for a project that didn't eventuate. I know I bought them on clearance and I know they don't go with anything else I have. Out they went, via Freecycle. A happy quilter will be coming to collect them tomorrow.

I also came across these: --half a metre of the stripe and half a metre of the polka dot print. . . I must have been running out of energy, because I couldn't bring myself to just send them away. This morning I've lost my resolve and I can't decide whether they should stay or go.

If you love them, let me know. If you have a suggestion that will turn them into something useful in less than two hours--without buying any extra fabric! --let me know too, but no promises.


Peace said...

Our friend D has made little 'project' bags for her embroidery. I could see them made out of that fabric. The other thing would be pencil cases or even library bags.

Something more adventurous and throwing in some other fabrics maybe patchwork handbag.

Dee said...

oh they are so cute!
yes they would make great little bags for projects or otherwise. my recommendation is to line any bags for durability as some of mine have suffered for their service and I recently found an easy way to attach the zip and line all at once!

what about taking them to the quilting group and asking the students if they would like to use the fabrics - perhaps for a donation to you or your favourite charity?

Vireya said...

I thought "bag" as well. The Nicole Mallalieu pattern I bought last week would look great in these fabrics, if you know a young person who would appreciate a pink & black bag. Would take more than 2 hours though.

Actually, I could volunteer to make it so I can try out the pattern, if you would like to get the fabric out of your house for a while.

Dee said...

woo hoo i actually found the tutorial on how to sew and line at the same time.
this fabric would look super-cute made up in these little bags. of course sccaling it up to make it bigger is better too.
hint ;)

Textile Tragic said...

Vireya wins the prize for reading my mood. YES, I want these cute fabrics out of my space. They're on their way to you to test your new pattern. And I believe you can even supply a suitable young person--enjoy:)

Dee, that tutorial sounds like a great plan and don't worry, there are LOTS more cute fabrics in my stash.

SewSofie said...

I was going to suggest a fabric basket but alas the fabric is gone. The fabric basket took me alittle under 2 hours to make.
I'm thinking of all sorts of uses for them now (hair clips, bandaids, rubber bands etc etc). Now if i could just get off the computer.....

Textile Tragic said...

I saw your fabric basket--cute and clever--as I said, there is a LOT of fabric here:)