Saturday, March 27, 2010

Pink Quilt Arrived

The Pink Quilt has arrived at its destination. Apparently the postie announced a parcel "for Baby B" when she knocked on the door, since that's what I'd put on the address label:) Here's the pic I promised of the completed front before it was bundled up to go in the mail: Random white buttons and a bit of a free-hand (not free motion) quilted design in the border.

I'm told it's been initiated already--being quite thick and textured, I thought it would be good as a place for baby to sit and play while older brothers and sister do their thing. Since my friends live in (subtropical) Queensland there's not so much call for something to snuggle under. Especially not at this time of year.

Today I'd like to get on with my mystery project, since it needs to be in the mail in the next few days--only binding and finishing off to do, really, then I should try to clear up a bit since each of my recent projects has left a legacy of leftovers, tools and bits and pieces trailing through my house.


SewSofie said...

My goodness thats cute!! what little girl wouldnt be happy with that!

Textile Tragic said...

:) I think I was indulging the little girl pink within me as well.

Dee said...

Definately a cute quilt! worthiy of of cute little girl and a smile.