Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rose Riot

My front garden is riot of roses this week. Not that I did much to deserve it--all I did was fix the grey-water hose, so they get the run-off from my washing machine. Roses are so grateful and generous that I got a profuse reward.

Here's one which I picked for my living room:The variegated petals are such fun--I've got another rose which is candy striped in pink:) These are the colour gradations that I strive to reproduce in my dyeing.

Now I have to be honest and say that the weeds have responded equally well to the extra water and they too are rioting. The weeds in the back "garden" are rioting too, even without any extra encouragement, so a whole heap of weeding is once again on my "to do" list. That's not going to happen today, though, and there's nothing to stop me enjoying this bit of beauty. Maybe on the weekend I'll pull out the weed spray and try to get things a bit more under control.

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Dee said...

oh that graduated pink is lovely!