Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Words of Wisdom

"Fibre Facts for Spinners and Weavers" is one of the little treasures I picked up at the Textile Bazaar on Saturday. I've just been browsing it while enjoying my morning coffee. It's full of hints and tips contributed by members of the Wellington NZ Guild of Weavers and Spinners in the early eighties. Each hint is acknowledged with a name and the local group--that personal touch is a significant part of the appeal for me. The other major appeal is that so many of the hints are relevant and useful.

There are a few patterns in the back of the book: Believe it or not, the pattern on the right hand page is for slippers. I'm planning to explore that one. My experience of slipper patterns is that simple looking ones rarely fit well and more complex shapes are hard to understand without a diagram. So here's one for me to play with, diagram and all.

Now, I have been working on my weaving project. All the threading is done, checked and double checked and I'm ready to weave the heading. That will let me know if I've made any errors. Then the bag will start to take shape. I'm looking forward to that.


Knitspingirl said...

What a find!
I love these sorts of books, they're always such a treasure-trove of information.
I'm intruiged by the slipper pattern - is it made in one piece? And does it have seams?

Textile Tragic said...

Ummm . . . will explore once I've handed in the weaving folio. I'm rather preoccupied with that just now. I'll keep you posted when I've had a go. It's a bit of a 3D puzzle!