Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Double Weave Bag Progress

I've finished weaving the second sample for the Double Weave bag project. This is really a small version of the real thing. The assignment is not just to make the bag, but to demonstrate the steps in the process, so I've also made a mock up in calico of the bag's structure. Here it is, along with the silk I dyed up on the weekend: You can see it needs a good press, but I've labelled all the parts, so once I drag out the iron it will be ready to include in my folio.
Ironically, the calico version was harder to put together than the real thing will be. The beauty of the double weave structure for this design is that it eliminates all but two seams. I had to fiddle with the calico and my overlocker to make those non-existent seam sit as unobtrusively as possible.
My plan for today is to do as much as I can before it gets overwhelmingly hot again. I'd like to dye the mercerised cotton I'm going to be using as the warp for the real thing. There's enough warp left on the sample loom to try a couple of different approaches to closing off the bottom of the bag as well.


Dee said...

ooooh what about finishing the bag with a fringe of some kind, perhaps with pretty beads on it. ???

Textile Tragic said...

Yep, fringing and/or beading are two of the options I want to try. The other is just a simple machined seam turned to the inside.

Anonymous said...

I found you!!!!! yay!!!! Pretty exited about 5 minutes to myself to go searching and now looking forward to looking back over your posts. Thinking of you!


Textile Tragic said...

Thanks. Have fun looking around. As you can see, I'm doing lots of weaving and not much spinning this week--sooo hot!!