Sunday, November 29, 2009

Endings and Beginnings

Here's the scene I found at the Guild when I dropped in my work yesterday morning: Gerlinde and Robyn had already been at work for a couple of hours, since several of the students had dropped in their folios during the week. The rest of us were meeting for brunch at 10.00 am, so there was a steady trickle of folios coming in. Since it was taking them an hour or two to get through each folio, they were in for a long and hard day's work.

Over brunch we talked about keeping contact next year. We're going to meet up every month or so. We all figure we've got a lot to learn, and meeting up, encouraging and challenging each other should help. There wasn't really an air of parting around the table at all. We'll be catching up in a few weeks time when we have our certificate day.

I'm already thinking about what I'd like to weave next! Will I start on another version of the double weave bag, just to prove to myself that I can get it right, or make myself a nice woollen shawl like the one that inspired me to join the Guild in the first place? Then there's the Le Clerc loom to sort out, not to speak of the house to tidy so I don't get too overwhelmed by all my textile projects mixed with dust and dog hair.

Today I'm supposed to be at the last class for my Spinning Certificate. I'm going to stay home. It's a revision class and I can't really take advantage of it without first sorting out the work I've done and have yet to do. That's a priority. Besides, I just don't have another day at the Guild in me after the last week. A day off is in order.

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