Saturday, November 28, 2009

Ready or Not

This is the last piece I had to weave to complete the practical component of my Weaving Class requirements: It looks rather silly to me, but sometimes you just have to do as you're told. We had to design a human figure by combining blocks from our Summer and Winter threading. The complication being that the blocks were already in place from threading the first design. So it was a case of making do. Now I know why the samplers I saw from the other students resembled a variety of robot or computer game figures. I figure this is a robotised frog-man of some sort:) rather appropriate given the craziness in Canberra at the moment. Maybe if sea levels rise as predicted, we'll all need a frog-man robot to go about our business . . .

Anyway, now I have a couple of hours to tidy up all my bits and pieces before I go in to the Guild to hand in my work and meet up with my fellow students for brunch.

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