Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Real Thing

The warp was on, the bobbins wound, and it was time to weave: But I found myself pacing around the loom with butterflies fluttering in my belly and I smile on my face. I couldn't believe what an occasion it felt to be finally weaving the bag after planning and sampling and calculating and planning and sampling and . . .

I did get down to it after a bit. I had some wierd tension troubles when I got started. So much so that I called the first six inches another sample and started again. Thankfully I'd allowed myself a bit of extra warp for sampling. Ah, sampling!

The body of the bag is woven. It was surprisingly quick once I got started. After breakfast I'm going to start on the next section which is the flap and lining. Since it's double weave, these will weave up at the same time. Then it will be time to finish it off and put the folio together. Hopefully that will be done by Friday.

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Dee said...

oooh it is excitting :) i look forward to seeing it done... and the real thing too.