Friday, November 27, 2009


Here's a close-up of the fastening I put together for the second bag: Believe it or not, I just happened to have that bead lying around. Actually it was part of a bookmark I'd made for myself which was on my bed-side table. The colours are a perfect match and the weight of the bead is enough to help the flap to stay down. The little loop adds an extra bit of security.

I did get to the Guild yesterday and I have one more exercise done on my Summer and Winter sampler and one to go. My day was sabotaged by a nasty tummy bug which kept me up all night. I never thought eating a slice of toast would feel like such an achievement! I've eaten the toast and had a rest and I'm starting to feel human again, if still rather wobbly. I've discovered that there is no option of handing work in late for this course--marking will be done tomorrow or not at all. That certainly simplifies my decision making, and I just don't have the energy to fuss, so I'll do what I can and hand it in.

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Dee said...

ooooowww :( tummy bug.
cuuuuuute button, bag and neato close up on the weaving.