Monday, November 2, 2009

Shadow Colours

Saturday's dyeing day at the Guild was a good mixture of colour theory and practical exercises. The last exercise of the day involved mixing a secondary colour with it's complement. These are colours which are opposite each other on the colour wheel. I chose marine blue and citrus orange. Here are my samples: You can see how the blue gets duller as more orange is added. The second bag from the right contains 4 parts of orange to 1 part of blue. The wool is dark-grey, almost black. The other two gray-blue samples are colours I might use, even though my personal preference is for bright, clear colours.
We did the dyeing in the snap-lock bags. It's a great way to manage lots of small samples at the same time. They can all go in the pot and the colours stay separate, unless one of the bags bursts--that happened a couple of times. I have yet to rinse these samples. My little skeins are hanging out to dry. I'll post photos of them soon.

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