Sunday, November 15, 2009

Textile Treasures

I enjoyed a happy hour at the Guild's Textle Bazaar yesterday morning.

  • Happy because it's always a trash or treasure type experience with the hall full of books, yarns and equipment for sale.
  • Happy because several of my Weaving classmates were there, preparing to take the next step in our textile adventures
  • Happy because I had lunch with a friend to look forward to and an exciting array of creative tasks waiting for me at home.

Here's my loot:

  • a cone of lovely mercerised cotton--can you see the sheen? I've been using mercerised cotton for my double-weave bag and I'm really enjoying it.
  • Several books ranging in price from 50c all the way up to $2! The one on the right is by Mary Atwater--a classic. The one on the left promises to bring together my dressmaking skills with my hand-weaving--just what I need.
  • A couple of sweet little stick shuttles: lovely timbers and light and smooth in my hand.

I didn't make a lot of progress on my weaving when I got home. Somehow my happy morning took up all my available energy. I curled up for a nap in front of the fan. Then I wound off the cotton for my warp into balls, while chatting with my friend D on the phone. I did manage to skein up some other fibres and get them ready to dye up overnight, so I have those to rinse this morning. Now I need to do some maths before I make the warp for my double weave bag project. Maybe another coffee first, since I've already been awake far too long.

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