Saturday, November 21, 2009


I spent most of the day yesterday working on my double weave bag project. Here it is, just about finished: I've made a twisted cord for the strap. I still need to attach that. I've also got the bag I made at the beginning of this warp to finish off. I didn't weave a lining for that one. It was when I was having troubles with the tension at the beginning of the warp. I think I'll line it with silk, with an iron-on interfacing for reinforcement. The tension doesn't look too bad now that it's off the loom . . . whatever!

Now for a reality check:
  • this bag is just about done;
  • I've been building up the folio for the bag as I go, so there's not much more needed for that, though I could fiddle with presentation for ever--note to self, "you don't have forever"!
  • The notes for the rest of the year's work are in a lecture pad and just need a bit of a tidy up. That's another task that could gobble up more time than it's really worth.
  • I've got all of the weaving for the Round Robin exercise done. I need to sort out the corresponding notes.
  • Then there's an unfinished project . . . well actually it's hardly started. That's the Summer and Winter sampler from the weeks around when my floor chaos was happening. Can I get it done in a week and still keep my sanity?


Dee said...

the bag looks good. i want to touch it to feel the fabric etc. the fringe looks sweet too. what size is the bag?

Textile Tragic said...

15 cm wide, by 18 cm high, plus the fringe. Just big enough for the basics when dressed up.