Monday, November 23, 2009

Home Improvement

Wow, look at me now!My friend A helped me to install this blind in my front window yesterday. I've been planning on timber venetians since I had the floor done. I've been paying off one for each of my windows and now I have them. Installation is the next challenge, and I decided it was a two-woman job. Just as well! I thought that lifting the blind into the brackets would require two pairs of hands. It did, but that was minor. Dealing with all the frustrations and complications of getting the brackets to go where they needed to be and stay there took all I had. I'm pretty sure I would have thrown something or burst into tears if I'd been on my own. As it was we took turns and tried to problem solve and eventually they were up.

I'm looking forward to having these blinds to cope with this summer's heat. Where I grew up, a hot day means opening the windows and trying to catch a nice breeze. Here in Melbourne the wind is hot. Shutting up the house is the way to go, but I don't like the feeling of being locked up. So I'm hoping the blinds will let me regulate just a bit of natural light in the room, while keeping out the worst of the heat. That's the plan. Meanwhile I'm off to the hardware store to see if I can get any attachments for me beloved cordless drill to make installing the next three blinds any easier.

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Ang Pang said...

I like the window top decorations Chiara!!! :)