Sunday, September 27, 2009

Up close

OK, so you know that I spent a fair bit of the day on Wednesday getting up close to the flowers at the Tulip Festival. Here's a pic of E joining in the fun at the end of the day: One of my weaving buddies works at Tesselaars--it's their Tulip Festival we went to. When I caught up with her at the Guild yesterday, she said she thought she'd seen me there, but wasn't sure enough to tap me on the shoulder and say hello. Her reasons are quite telling . . .
  • I was crouching down looking through my camera lens, intent on a flower--sounds right;
  • I was a long way from home--correct, we drove more than an hour to get there;
  • I wasn't wearing any wool: knitted, crocheted, woven or hand-made in any shape or form whatsoever!

Now her last point is the most telling of all. If only she knew that bits of my collection of warm woollies were adorning teenagers scattered around the grounds. That's my crochet hat on E's head in the daffodil picture. Anyway, it was fun hearing her analysis. Meanwhile, E is tired of wearing my blue hat and can she swap for another one please? She's going to take her pick from my collection next time she's here.

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