Sunday, September 6, 2009

Performance Enhancement

Yesterday was a day of Extreme Weaving! Thankfully, even though it's sometimes referred to as a "round robin" exercise, it wasn't a knock out competition, but nevertheless the students were under some pressure to achieve a "personal best". I caught a shot of our teacher with her performance enhancing drink: . . . the story behind the picture is that Gerlinde's daughter is an extreme skier--the kind who gets filmed jumping off the Materhorn and doing similar death defying feats. And she is sponsored by Red Bull. So Gerlinde persisitently brings in cans of Red Bull for her morning tea and lunch drinks. And somehow on days like yesterday, it fits!

My preference for performance enhancing stimuli comes from Filou's patisserie around the corner. Their chocolate flourless muffins bring out the best in me. As for the weaving, I had a good day. Having completed two of the compulsory exercises beforehand, I didn't feel too pressured. As it turns out, not feeling too pressured brings out the best in me more than anything else! I got through colour and weave, undulated twill and pique samples. I've brought home a loom with another cell weave exercise--similar, but different to the one I did last week. I'm also hoping to get hold of the tartan double-faced twill weave before our next class. We've got a three week gap in classes because of other events on at the Guild, so it's going to take a bit of communication betweeen students to coordinate swaps during the break. I think we can do that. So, you can expect to see various of those samples popping up over the next few weeks.

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